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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012
Grains are commonly accepted to be a good thing for our diet and general consumption. They’re even a major category on the food pyramid and food plate published by the US government. However, grains have a dark side and can have a serious adverse effect on your skin and health in general.
Grains have very high glycemic indexes and loads. The glycemic index can affect insulin metabolism and cause a hormonal cascade, which is a major factor in blocking your pores. In addition, grains cause an excessive production of oil through androgen concentrations and insulin production. This one-two punch to your glands results in increased acne and skin health issues.
If that weren’t enough, processed grains have almost 80% of their zinc removed from them, leading to a low zinc level in your body.
At this point, most people would refer back to whole grains, which are, by most people’s assessment, healthier for you. However, this assessment is not accurate. Whole grains can actually be significantly worse for you due to decreased nutrient absorption and effects that are akin to toxicity. All of the major grains consumed in the Western world contain some form of anti-nutrients that will severally impair your nutrient absorption. In addition, whole grains are actually worse for your zinc consumption than regular, processed grains.
Oddly enough, grains can actually be one of the leading causes of acne in our modern diet, so eat it sparingly if ever.

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