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Fatty, Processed and Canned Foods
Wednesday, September 19th, 2012
Surprisingly, most fatty and processed foods (minus the ones we’ve already discussed) aren’t directly harmful to your acne and skin health since they don’t have a negative affect on your insulin metabolism. That’s not saying that they’re healthy be any means, however. In fact, almost all of these foods are bad for your overall health, which does have a roundabout affect on your skin.
They all tend to have a high concentration of saturated fat, which leads to increased blood cholesterol levels, and risk for cardiovascular disease. Try to use salmon, tuna, or leaner meat as substitutes for fatty and processed meats.

Yeast-containing Foods
Wednesday, September 12th, 2012
On the list of food to watch out for is yeast-containing foods. Now, yeast itself isn’t the issue in this case. The simple fact about yeast is that it’s almost always in food that contains wheat or grain that do affect your acne and skin health. In rare cases, the yeast may actually contribute to certain auto-immune diseases. So, as a general rule you will want to avoid yeast-containing foods as it is an indicator of other issues.

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Starchy Tubers
Thursday, September 6th, 2012
As we now know, concentrated starch can lead to promotion of acne and adversely affect insulin metabolism. Potatoes, the most popular starchy tuber is extremely high in concentrated starch.
Starchy tubers are similar to refined cereal grains in many ways, the worst of which being their levels of concentrated starch which leads to high glycemic load carbohydrates. This leads to the promotion of acne and facilitates the continued problem with acne that a significant portion of our population has.
When trying to bring down your acne, we recommend limiting your potato and starchy tuber intake to a minimum or even completely cutting it out of your diet. This, along with the other dietary recommendations, can help your skin heal and get back to a level of normalcy and clearness.

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Wednesday, August 29th, 2012
Like many of the other foods we’ve been talking about in the last few weeks, legumes (beans) are generally considered to be moderately healthy. They’re full of protein and while they’re not pegged for a super-healthy food, they are on many lists of recommended foods. However, legumes are just as bad for you as the grains we discussed last week.
You see, legumes impair zinc absorption and may even lead to a zinc deficiency. This, of course, leads to inflammation in the system. In addition, they are concentrated sources of lectins, which lead to intestinal damage and system-wide inflammation. All in all, legumes contribute to blocking your pores which increases your acne.

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